Custom Marketing and Advertising Plan

This plan will increase targeted impressions and bring more inquiries to your business.  I believe this is a good starting place that can bring immediate results.

I have proposed a three-in-one process that will: 

  1. Create Sponsored Advertising with Google Ads.
  2. Increase organic placement by creating two targeted blog posts each month, and Continue to drive more traffic and calls with the second website and additional website redirects.
  3. Acquire placement in popular directory services specializing in your industry

Google Ads:


  1. Get an estimated 80-140 targeted ad clicks each month
    $12.90 per day  = $387.00 Monthly
  2. Get an estimated 140-240 targeted ad clicks each month
    $22.50 per day = $675.00 Monthly
  3. Get an estimated 270-440 targeted ad clicks each month
    $42.00 per day = $1260.00 Monthly

**** Estimates as of May 2023

* NADmedia recommends starting with option (b) for moderate return in impressions.

The above Google Ads options are based on targeting these keyphrases:

plastic injection molding service, injection molding, injection molding tooling, custom injection molding, plastic injection mold making, plastic injection mold, abs plastic injection molding, manufacturing injection molding, rapid prototype and tooling, custom made molding service

The key phrases are automatically picked by Google’s algorithms based on the popularity of keywords entered by people searching for plastic mold injection services.  As our campaigns become more optimized, in time, we can increase and alter our targeted keyphrases by applying more resources to keyphrases that provide better ROAS (return on advertising spend). This could mean targeting more associated keyphrases, increasing bid amounts, and creating organic content based on keyphrases that provide better ROAS.

The two most important terms to remember for online advertising are:

Return on ad spend (ROAS)The revenue you receive from your advertising investment. This is calculated by dividing sales attributed to your ads by your spending. Attribution varies by campaign type.
Advertising cost of sales (ACOS)The percentage of your sales that you spend on advertising. This is calculated by dividing your spending by sales attributed to your ads. Attribution varies by campaign type.

If we can map these terms and associate them with the number of sales you receive from advertising, you will be able to determine exactly how much you are spending per sale, therefore never having to lose money from your advertising efforts.

Increase Organic Placement

I believe you noticed an increase in impressions and inquiries when you had regular posts created each month.  Within this proposal, NADmedia will create two 300 to 500-word blog posts each month, to be inserted into the website’s blog on or before the 10th of each month.  NADmedia will target popular industry topics such as:

Plastic Injection Molding Reshoring: Is Now the Time?

Reshoring for Plastic Injection Molding Projects

What is the difference between offshoring and reshoring?

What is the manufacturing process of plastic injection?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of reshoring?

Top Advantages of Reshoring Injection Molding Services

Start with Low MOQ – Factory Direct

Plastic Prototype RFQ

Reshoring Manufacturing Information

Why Reshoring Plastic Injection Molding Projects Makes Sense


In addition to creating blog posts, NADmedia will continue to monitor and maintain additional website redirects:

(Section AA)

Create 3 Free Directory Profiles

Some directories regularly appear at the top of search results which can be beneficial to Jet Mold Products Inc. and will contribute to impression increase.  These three directories stood out in my research:

I will attempt to create free company profiles in these and or other similar directories based on the “Free Listings” requirements.  We may explore paid advertising on these and similar platforms if benefits are experienced from free listing placement.

Total monthly fees:

Proposed Sponsored Google Ad Campaign:

$675.00 Monthly

Organic Content Creation 2 monthly blog posts, 3 Directory Listings creation and maintenance, plus additional website hosting/development and Redirect Services for websites and redirects mentioned in section – AA:

$300.00 Monthly

Grand Total – $975.00 Monthly

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