Google Business Profile Cheat Sheet & Resource

Managing Your Google Business Profile in Google Search “Merchant Panel”

Google Business Profile Resources/Help Documents

  1. Getting Started with Google Business Profile:
  2. Guidelines for Representing Your Business on Google: Note: It’s important to check this document frequently for updates or changes that may impact your listing.
  3. How to Add or Claim Your Business on Google:
  4. How to Verify Your Business on Google:
  5. Check to See if GBP Profile is Verified:
  6. How to find your Business on Google:
  7. How to Choose a Category:
  8. Edit Your Business Information:
  9. How to manage your Google Business Profile directly on Google Search and Maps App:
  10. List of GBP Categories:
  11. Service-Area & Hybrid Businesses:
  12. How to Set Business Hours:
  13. How to Manage Google Updates To Your Business Profile:
  14. Understand what happens to your Business Profile edits:
  15. Business Profile Posts Content Policy:
  16. Tips for Business-Specific Photos on your Business Profile:
  17. Manage Photos or Videos for your Business Profile:
  18. Photo and Video Criteria:
  19. Format Specific Criteria (like photos):
  20. Google Maps:
  21. Prohibited and Restricted Content:
  22. Restricted Content:
  23. Duplicate Locations:
  24. How to add and remove users and owners:
  25. Request Ownership of a Business Profile:
  26. Transfer Primary Ownership of a Location:
  27. Missing Reviews Help:
  28. How to Remove Reviews from your Business Profile on Google:
  29. Fix and Flag Inappropriate Content:
  30. Google Business Profile Messaging:
  31. Messaging Guidelines:
  32. How to read and reply to messages:
  33. Getting Quotes via Messaging:
  34. Getting Bookings via Messaging:

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