Terms of Use

User Agreement – terms of use Identity and freelancer profile The NADmedia is made up of independent professionals, agencies and companies from around the globe. To maintain a high-quality workplace for all NADmedia Users, identity information associated with an NADmedia User Account must be real and verifiable. Freelancer or Company (Company referred to as Freelancer’s’) … [Read more…]

Privacy Policy

INFORMATION COLLECTION Users of the Service may be Clients (anyone utilizing the NADmedia platform to request services to be performed by a Freelancer) or Freelancers (any company, individual user, or groups of associated individual users or companies utilizing the NADmedia platform to offer services to Clients). Freelancers may also operate as an Agency (a legally recognized entity with the ability to … [Read more…]

Writing Your Body Content

It is said that search engines like to see a certain amount of words in the body of your html page. That is true, if you don’t have a certain amount of words in the body, then that page will not be considered a viable page. And not just any words, making your content relevant … [Read more…]